This academy is for all YGO duelists hoping to improve and have some fun. Mainly uses KCVDS.
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 Advancement Rules

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Head Admin/Rank Admin

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PostSubject: Advancement Rules   Advancement Rules EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 12:19 am

As you've probably noticed, this academy does not use DP. There is a reason: DP is hard to keep track of, and usually inaccurate. If we were to move people up by DP, we'd have horrible people in top dorms. This is not legit. Here's how you can move up.

-Play me or other admins/testers for rec, and i'll notice if you should be moved up. If you ask to be moved up, trust me, you're not getting moved up.
-Send me samples of your decks.
-Post intelligent deck rates.
-Succeed in Tournaments and Academy Wars.

If you want to be staff, go to the "Staff Applications" topic. You can't apply to be an admin either. Apply for other staff positions, and you may be rejected, or accepted. No complaining/begging.

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Advancement Rules
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