This academy is for all YGO duelists hoping to improve and have some fun. Mainly uses KCVDS.
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 General Posting Rules of SWA

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Head Admin/Rank Admin

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General Posting Rules of SWA Empty
PostSubject: General Posting Rules of SWA   General Posting Rules of SWA EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 12:11 am

-Double posting will be investigated. If there's no legit reason, both posts will be deleted and topic may be locked.
-Welcoming: you can say welcome to someone in the introduction section. But doing it in the Dorms is just spam. Any infraction results in a one-day ban from now on. All posts will be deleted.
-Swearing is tolerated, but don't go too far.
-If you say anything like "you suck" the consequences are harsh:
-1 Week Ban
-Rank reduced to Uria. (Staff are partially exempt from this rule depending on gravity of the situation.)
And, if you're a staff member that says that, shame on you. Shame.
-Spam. If any staff member sees spam, they can refer it to an admin, so we can decide how long to ban them. The instant you spam, you take a 3 day ban. The next time you spam, it's a 1 week ban. Next time, 1 month ban. Next, permanent ban. If an admin wants to they can perma ban you instantly. This isn't a democracy people. We will politely PM you saying, due to this, you're going to be banned. Any last words? If you provide a reasonable argument, we'll withdraw the ban.

-Don't harass the staff. Don't spam their PM inbox. Only PM them regarding important stuff.
-Don't PM people with deck requests. If they want you to ask them for decks, they'll make a shop.
-If someone doesn't reply to your post immediately, chill out. Don't PM them a billion times. We have other important messages in our inbox.
-Don't PM us to change your name more than a few times. And definitely multiple times within a month. Even once a month is overkill. If you make a new name, i expect you to re-introduce yourself to eliminate confusion as to who you are.

-If you win a duel for a tournament, tell me you did, and get me the confirmation of the other person. Take a screenshot just in case. So, if they don't confirm, send me the screenshot, and 3 day ban right off the bat for the person who tried to pretend they didn't lose.
-Bragging rights. You don't have any. If you beat me, don't run around in circles saying "i beat an Admin." Sure, you can politely tell your friends, i beat TMB. But, noone's going to really care. For instance, one time, i beat someone really good, and in my moments of ecstasy i told a few people. But, it doesn't mean i normally beat said person. Many things can happen causing the duel to change:
-Bad hands.
-Test decks.
-Other things going on.

Any other rules should be edited in by Moderators or Admins if they are necessary. Please notify me. All edit rules go in red.

General Posting Rules of SWA 23lz888
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General Posting Rules of SWA
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